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Breaking NEWS! (3-13-08)
Chairman of the Judiciary Committee,
the Hon. Congressman Conyers, Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, the Hon. Congressman Barney Frank, the Hon. Congresswoman Diane Watson and the Hon. Congressman Mel Watts  held a meeting with Assistant Secretary Artman today.

The Honorable Congresswoman Diane Watson held a meeting today with the BIA's Assistance Secretary Carl Artman to discuss the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma ethnic cleansing policy of their former slaves descendants, known as the Cherokee Freedmen. Invited to the meeting was Chairman Barney Frank, Chairman Conyers and Congressman Mel Wattswho authored the amendment to the Indian Housing Bill that will not allow the Cherokee Nation to receive NAHASDA funding if they violate the freedmen's rights in the 1866 Cherokee Treaty.
Artman stated that he was in support of the freedmen, but that the courts should handle the matter. Our heroine, Congresswoman Diane Watson did not let him off so easy with a list of questions about the BIA's lack of action. Artman even said the Cherokee Nation was still actively enrolling their freedmen and that they receive CDIB cards, which the Congresswoman stated she needed proof. He admitted that the 'tribes' issue CDIB cards on behalf of the BIA. Hum! Talking about passing the buck! Could Artman, not know the difference between the Cherokee Freedmen and the African Americans who have ancestors on the by blood rolls of the Cherokee Nation? Could it be the old saying
'that all Negroes look the same'?
The Freedmen more than ever will continue the educational dialogue with the Congressional Black Caucus and other Congress-members who support our cause. We ask that this matter go before a Congressional hearing. The hearing will expose years of racism by the tribal governments and those that support their ethnic cleansing policy.
 On another note, Congressman Butterfield of North Carolina is offering an amendment that would exclude the Cherokee and Creek Nation from receiving any benefits from the Indian Health Care Improvement ACT. If these tribes really think that Black folk don't care about other Black people who have experence racial discrimination or even worst
ethnic cleansing, think again! Action equals Justice.
Thank you again Congresswoman Watson,  our heroine sent by God.


Demonstration Against Oklahoma Congressman Dan Boren

For his effort to block
Congressional protection
of the Freedmen Legal Treaty Rights.

Dan Boren is under the illusion that the Cherokee Nation and the Creek Nation still support the Freedmen, 'WRONG'!YellThe Cherokee Nation has stop enrolling Freedmen and the Creeks kicked the Freedmen out long ago. Dan Boren is under the illusion that this issue is best handle in the courts, 'PARTLY', however Congress has on many occasions stepped up to the plate and protected the rights of Freedmen after the Reconstruction treaties were signed.
Dan Boren, do you believe in the confederate ideas of JIM CROW? If not, then become our hero. The Freedmen of Oklahoma elected you to represent us.
The demonstration was a success!
Thanks to all the Freedmen Descendants who came out!
Hopefully now, Oklahoma's Congressional delegation will not turn a blind eye as we have but them on notice that the Freedmen Descendants will not sit in silence anymore.

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